Travel Insurance - Remarkable Offer

Cover for all members of your family for an unlimited number of holidays or trips during any one year

Family packages from only 140.00

A family is considered to be a couple and their children (no limit on numbers) aged up to 19 (or 23 if in full-time education) when travelling with one or more parents. Maximum age limit is 69.

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Are you self employed ? We can offer a tailored personal accident policy that will provide you with a lump sum in the event of a seriously disabling accident that prevents you from working again. If you are temporarily unable to work due to an accident you can be provided with a weekly benefit. Contact us now for more details >>


Do you take more than one holiday out of Ireland each year, or travel abroad on business? If so, it is probably more economical for you to have an annual travel policy. We can provide annual, single trip or long stay policies, whichever suits your needs.

It is Very Important that you fully understand your entitlements when taking out a holiday insurance policy. Our representatives shall fully explain what you are covered for so as to ensure you get the right policy to cover you.


Are you building your new house by direct labour? You may require Fire Insurance to obtain your loan, but you may not realise that if someone gets injured on your site while your house is being built you will be held responsible and may be sued. You can protect against this with a policy that covers the workers on the site, members of the public coming to the site and covers the house itself while it is being built.