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This can cover all the material property owned by the Business, such as Building, Trade Fixtures and Fittings, Stock, Goods in Trust, Computers, Office Equipment and General Contents. The widest cover available is on an "All Risks" basis but policies can cover specific events such as Fire, Explosion, Earthquake, Theft, Storm, Flood, Burst Pipes, Aircraft and Impact. This cover can also include accidental breakage of fixed glass and sanitary ware.


This covers your Loss of Income as a result of being unable to trade following an event causing loss to the material property. As an alternative the Additional Cost of Working e.g. relocating etc. to enable the business to continue uninterrupted can be covered.


The Liability Sections cover your Legal Liability for events which have occurred. In other words, if there is a legal case against you, the insurance will pay damages awarded against you up to the limit selected on the Policy.
Employers Liability covers your legal liability to employees for injury, illness, disease or death occurring as a result of their employment by you.
Public Liability covers your legal liability to third parties for injury occurring to them or damage to their property as a result of your business operation.
Product Liability covers your legal liability to third parties for injury occurring to them or damage to their property as a result of goods or products supplied by you.


This covers money (cheques or cash) on your premises during business hours, whilst you are taking it to or collecting it from the bank, whilst it is in a safe on your premises or in the bank night safe. Money can also be covered in your home or in the home of an employee.


This covers your financial loss as a result of being unable to identify your debtors or prove their indebtedness to you following a loss to your material property.


This provides cover against accidental loss of or damage to computer equipment (both hardware and software). It can also cover loss as a result of breakdown if you have a maintenance agreement on your equipment. As standard, the cost of reinstatement of lost data and the additional cost of working following loss/damage is covered.


This covers you against losses incurred as a result of dishonesty of your employees


This covers accidental loss/damage to your property/goods whilst being moved by road, rail, sea, air or in the post. It can apply whether the transport is in your own vehicle or whether you hire a contractor to make the transit.


This covers your legal liability for financial loss incurred by one of your clients as a result of your negligence (an error or omission by you or your staff) in respect of the services and advice which you provide.


This provides an inspection service for items that have a statutory inspection requirement. In addition, depending on the type of equipment (e.g. boilers, lifting devices, air compressors/receivers) the insurance can cover damage to the item itself, damage to your surrounding property and your legal liability for third party property damage or injury.


This insurance is specifically for Motor Garages and provides cover for driving customers vehicles on the road, in addition to providing standard property, business interruption and liability insurance.